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We specialise in recovering hidden commission payments for landlords of commercial properties. These payments are taken by managing agents arranging the property insurance through their broker. Our 3 step process achieves a successful outcome for our clients.

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The first step in our recovery process is to analyse the premium being charged and determine if the rates could have been inflated to cover the cost of secret commissions. Very little effort is required on your part and and of course full confidentiality is essential at this stage.


The second step in our recovery process is to investigate the transparency of the third party commission and make a formal request for the commissions to be disclosed. This can be difficult to achieve in practice which is where our expertise proves to be invaluable to our clients.


The final step in our recovery process involves calculating the secret profit to be recovered in order to proceed with the financial recovery from the third parties. Significant sums of money can be recovered for our clients as demonstrated in our £1million case study.

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    We specialise in recovering hidden commission payments for landlords of commercial properties [...]

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